Paul Wall - Get Money Stay true (2007)


01. Get Your Paper Up (w/ Yung Redd)
02. Everybody Know Me (w/ Snoop Dogg)
03. Break 'Em Off (w/ Lil' Keke)
04. I'm Throwed Up (w/ Jermiane Dupri)
05. Call Me What You Want (w/ Yung Redd & E Class)
06. On The Grind (w/ Freeway & Crys Wall)
07. Bangin' Screw
08. How Gangstas Roll (w/ Crys Wall)
09. That Fire (w/ Trina)
10. Tonight (w/ Jon B)
11. Gimmie That
12. I'm Real, What Are You (w/ Juelz Santana)
13. I Ain't Hard To Find
14. Slidin On That Oil (w/ Expensive Tastes)

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